Our team

Ryan Anthony

Project Manager, Web & Graphic Designer

Katie Moon (Maçon)

Illustrator and Graphic Artist

Emily Bailey


What are we up to?

Our 'work-ometer' shows you what the team are currently up to. As you can see, right now we are really busy producing some awesome print work. Need a flyer designing? A brochure creating? A catalogue producing? Get in touch.

Website Design

Graphic Design



For us here at Chunky Robot design is something fundamental. We want all of our work to reflect design that is simple and intelligent, creative and accessible, and above all else, beautiful. But good looking is just not enough, we want our designs to accomplish all that is required of them and perhaps just that little bit more.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

Steve Jobs, 2003

Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form.

Our Philosophy

We specialise in providing high quality, creative and affordable web design, graphic design. We pride ourselves on our creative flair, utilising this to provide you with a great quality service and designs which you can be proud of and that can move your business, organisation or you as an individual forward.

We always aim to work with our clients to achieve great things. We want our design work to compliment and develop our clients ideas, business, organisation or project in a way that is both beneficial and attractive. We enjoy simpleicity in our designs, but don't want to be boring. No way! We want our designs to reflect creativity and high quality. Don't be scared though, this won't cost you the earth!

Based in North Wales, but working all over the UK, we also recognise the importance of working with Welsh entprises to provide designs in the medium of Welsh as well.

Our History

Chunky Robot was created by Ryan Anthony early on in 2010. Following a move to North Wales he set out to create a design business that would bring together great design skills and principles with the practical elements required to make all design successful. With his background in Web Design and Graphic Design, he has helped and supported over 20 businesses in growing and reaching their potential by utilising design.

At Chunky Robot he was joined by 2 others who shared his passion for design. Katie Moon, an Illustration Graduate who has a real eye for quirky and folky illustrations as well as a real passion for wicked graphic design and video work.

And Emily Bailey, passionate photographer of events and products. Having several years of photography experience, her eye for detail and ability to capture emotion and energy is both effective and appreciated by our clients.